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Why a Solid Foundation?
Whitespace Technologies has entered into strategic partnership with various local & international companies to pull expertise together for faster delivery of big and complex projects to clients.

We value Community

Commitment to Building Community
We have established a tradition of setting the standard for excellence and creativity while working diligently with communities to bring their vision to reality.

Green Environment

Whitespace Technologies Limited
works to give our customers the greatest value by delivering the highest quality workmanship. And yes, we are Eco-friendly.


Whitespace Technologies Limited is in collaboration with Huawei to implement the Kenya Safety City Project.

Our Premices hosted several workshops where Huawei students are being taught how to assemble and configure the equipment before taking them to sites. WST is also having a Team preparing the slabs on which the camera polls will be fixed all over Kenya.


Here's our Gallery of the collaboration mentionned above.

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Anchor bolts & Slabs preparation

Equipment Engineering


Polls taken to site