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Whitespace Technologies constantly strives to achieve optimum levels of customer satisfaction and we commit to continually provide services of high quality standards and workmanship. .

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We have established a tradition of setting the standard for excellence and creativity while working diligently with communities to bring their vision to reality.

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Our Product and Services Falls into several categories, the general description is as follows with more elaboration in other sections.


•  Pulling and blowing of OFC and wiring buildings.


•  Fibre installation, termination, splicing, testing and commissioning


Do a complete design before beginning cable installation.


•  Establish criteria for the install, based on the communications paths required


•  Know how many fibers of what types are needed ¬ add extras for repairs or growth


•  Determine hardware requirements: connectors, splices, patch panels, closures, etc.


•  Plot the cable route and determine cable lengths


•  Show how installed (premises, buried, conduit, inner duct, pole locations for aerial, etc.)


•  Mark termination and splice points


•  Attach data from link loss budget and use it as a guide for testing


•  At the same time, design the facilities for the communications equipment, including


•  Locations, allowing for adequate spaces, power and grounding and HVAC as needed.


•  Make complete lists of what components and hardware are needed and where they are to be used.


•  All permits available for inspection


•  Sites prepared, power available


•  All components on site, inspected, 24-hour security arranged if necessary


•  Safety rules reviewed with all supervisors and installation personnel



During Installation:

•  Inspect workmanship at every step

•  Daily review of process, progress, test data and all other technical and quality parameters set by the client.

•  Immediate notification and solution of problems, shortages, etc.

•  After completion of cable plant installation:

•  Inspect workmanship

•  Review test data on cable plant

•  Set up and test communications system

•  Update and complete documentation

•  Update and complete restoration plan

We import, stock and sell locally; cables, switches, routers and all other accessories required for complete live internet set up.



•  Metro Fibre Solutions

We handle on a turnkey basis, Metro Rings and Access Rings with main materials comprising HDPE ducts, Optic Cable Fibres, Joint Box and other accessories supplied by the client or can imported and or bought locally to satisfy work requirements.

Briefly, the following tasks/ milestones are inherent in the operations:-

• Project Planning and Operations Management

• Construction Engineering,

• Installation of Fibre Cables in Metro and Access Rings

• Excavation of trenches

• Backfilling and Compaction.

• Installation of HDPE conduits followed by joint closures etc. etc.

•  .Fusing, splicing and testing fibres

•  Termination, testing and commissioning

•  Reports.



•  Installation Services

• Telecom Implementation Solution

• Project planning

• RF / MW / civil site surveys and floor layouts

• Installation and commissioning of telecom equipment

 Microwave BTS

 MW Client Premises Equipment

 Point to Point Links

 Orthogonal Hops

 WIFI Mesh and Nodes Setup

• Switching systems, optical equipment

• In-building installations, electrical works, FTTB installations.



•  Maintenance Service

Operations and Maintenance

•  24x7 Network operations and network maintenance-BTS & CPE

•  Wireless Infrastructure Network optimization and maintenance

•  Network Management Centre Operations

•  Hardware & software maintenance

•  Preventive maintenance contracts on annual/monthly basis for telecom equipment

Technical support Services

•  O&M services

•  Administration and project management

•  Multi-level Technical Support

•  Level 1-Front-end Support

Contact Centre Operations with well trained personnel with ability to quickly identify clients' problems and begin problem resolution

•  Level 2-Onsite Customer Support

In-depth support from experienced and knowledgeable technical personnel that extents to onsite support for physical issues, hardware replacements

•  Level 3-Back-end Support

Wherever necessary, a third team of experts in various fields is employed to assist in new or unknown issues as well as developing solutions through liaison with your technical bench especially on network related issues.






















WHITESPACE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is currently part of Companies involved in implementation of Kenya Safety City Project in collaboration with HUAWEI. (See More) .

Completed Project

Among others, WHITESPACE is proud to have achieved its mandate in Kisumu, Meru and Thika in relation with the second phase of NOFBI / E-GOV Expansion Project that is bringing Connectivity to counties level.

Heavy Machinery

WHITESPACE has acquired several Heavy Machines (All Terrain Directional Boring Machine, Compressors, Drilling Machine, Excavators, Mud Mixing System, etc...) to undertake any type of work that big projects can come up with from construction. drilling boreholes to mining, (More)