Constantly striving for perfection

Quality Assurance
Whitespace Technologies constantly strives to achieve optimum levels of customer satisfaction and we commit to continually provide services of high quality standards and workmanship.

We value Community

Commitment to Building Community
We have established a tradition of setting the standard for excellence and creativity while working diligently with communities to bring their vision to reality.

Green Environment

Whitespace Technologies
works to give our customers the greatest value by delivering the highest quality workmanship. And yes, we are Eco-friendly.







WHITESPACE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is currently part of Companies involved in implementation of Kenya Safety City Project in collaboration with HUAWEI. (See More)

Civil Engineering Works

WST devotes all its know-how and energy to improving the lives of all of us through the increasingly ambitious projects it is carrying out in East Africa. With many years of extensive experience in design, planning, and construction of simple to unique and challenging projects, We have provided… (Read More)


Heavy Machinery

WHITESPACE has acquired several Heavy Machines (All Terrain Directional Boring Machine, Compressors, Drilling Machine, Excavators, Mud Mixing System, etc...) to undertake any type of work that big projects can come up with from construction. drilling boreholes to mining, (More)