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Quality Assurance
Whitespace Technologies constantly strives to achieve optimum levels of customer satisfaction and we commit to continually provide services of high quality standards and workmanship.

We value Community

Commitment to Building Community
We have established a tradition of setting the standard for excellence and creativity while working diligently with communities to bring their vision to reality.

Green Environment

Whitespace Technologies
works to give our customers the greatest value by delivering the highest quality workmanship. And yes, we are Eco-friendly.



Whitespace Technologies – building your business infrastructure for the future


Civil   engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works   like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. WHITESPACE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED devotes all its know-how and energy to improving the lives of all of us through the increasingly ambitious projects it is carrying out in East Africa . With many years of extensive experience in design, planning, and construction of simple to unique and challenging projects, We have provided impressive services to a variety of clients maintaining long-term and repeat working relationships. The success of the project is critical to building our reputation and earning repeat clients. 


We are more than builders.

We are construction partners who are passionate about what we do and our partners' success. We pride ourselves in being solution providers.

We love to build. What can we build for you?



WST's services—which include preconstruction, construction/project management, design-build and general contracting—can be customized to fit your needs and your budget, no matter what the project scope. When you choose WST, you choose   a   highly experienced   construction contractor. WST is known for adding value, superior workmanship, and fiscal responsibility. Your project will be built to your complete satisfaction. WST is known as a construction company with a seasoned workforce and a can-do attitude.  
We attracts top talents who bring fresh perspectives to the organization.


WST has the capability to self-perform work in a number of jurisdictions. The work performed by WST's own workforce is coordinated, where appropriate, with subtrades' workforces to provide the best overall value.



WST's integrated approach begins during the design phase: working collaboratively with design partners and subcontractors helps identify and resolve conflicts and constructability issues to drive down costs and ensure that your vision is maintained. Once construction begins, WST leverages the Building Information Model to communicate with field staff, empowering them to apply virtual construction tools to increase field production, quality, safety, and eliminate unforeseen changes.






WHITESPACE provides a variety of   engineering services . WST primary services are as follows:

  • Project Analysis
  • Meetings
  • Schedule Preparation and Management
  • Coordination of Subconsultant Team – typically survey,  
     geotechnical, traffic engineering
  • Coordination with Approving Agencies
  • Coordination with Utility Owners

  • Project Study Reports (PSR)
  • Project Reports (PR)
  • Right of Way Data Sheets
  • Utility Information Sheets
  • Geometrics
  • Fact Sheets (documentation of non-standard features)
  • Grading Plans
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Stage Construction Plans
  • Utility Modification Plans
  • Plans, Specifications & Estimates (PS&E)
  • Hydrology Studies and Reports
  • Drainage Studies and Reports
  • Stormwater Data Report ( SWDR )
  • Water Pollution Control Requirements
  • Preparation of Forms for Funding


  • Layout Plan
  • Horizontal Control Plans
  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Drainage Plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Erosion Control Plan
  • Drainage Studies and Reports
  • Water Pollution Control Requirements
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan ( SWPPP )




Whitespace Technologies is committed to the safety of both our employees and stakeholders within our operations. All our work is carried out by adequately trained and competent personnel.





Our projects encompass a variety of development levels including:


• Preliminary Engineering
• Final Engineering
• Plan Check/Peer Review/Constructability Review
• Construction Engineering Assistance



WST provides   continuous client interaction   to meet the project needs for schedule, funding and quality.


We have   maintained long-term clients   over numerous years, demonstrating complete gratification with our services.


The types of projects we focus our expertise on: 

•   Roadway Improvements
   - Pavement Rehabilitation
   - Intersection Improvements
   - Roadway Widening/Narrowing
   - State Highway /  Freeway Modifications




•   Civil Site Engineering   (grading,   drainage ,   stormwater   requirements, wet utility laterals & connections, and parking lots) for  Facility Improvements such as:

   - Public Parks (New Development or Modify/Upgrading Existing)
   - Civic Centers
   - Libraries
   - Fire Stations
   - Schools
   - Parking Structures

•   Drainage/Stormwater Improvements
   - Hydrology & Hydraulic Studies and Reports
   - Drainage Design & Plans
   - Erosion Control Plans/Water Pollution Control Plans
   - Water Quality Management Plans (WQMPs)
   - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans ( SWPPP s)
   - Stormwater Data Sheet ( SWDR ), as needed for Caltrans project
   - Identification, Selection of Appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs)

•   Project Management
   - Project Management
   - Program Management
   - Value Engineering
   - Quality Assurance/Quality Control Reviews








Virtual Construction – BIM


As a construction company that leverages the latest technology, WST can virtually build your project, before construction starts, using a process called Building Information Modeling (BIM), also known as virtual construction. WST integrates virtual construction tools into the everyday work of project teams, giving them the right tools for success.


When coordinated with its other construction services,   WST is able   to apply virtual construction technologies   to deliver projects ahead of schedule and within   budget. These technologies are used for   planning, coordination,   and communication on civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and commercial buildings   construction   projects.  




Sustainable Construction


Sustainable construction goes beyond just following construction documents. By understanding the principles of sustainability, WST can assist you with maximizing your return on investment while providing efficient, healthy, enduring projects. WST isn't just a construction company; WST is your partner in sustainable design and construction services.


WHITESPACE provides clients with expert advice about the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED ® )  Green Building Rating System and other sustainable construction techniques. Their knowledge and skills in sustainable construction help them guide you through the process of how building green relates to constructability and viability.


WST's professionals can assist you through the many stages of project development, providing services to help address sustainability goals throughout design development, construction, and operations.








WHITESPACE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is currently part of Companies involved in implementation of Kenya Safety City Project in collaboration with HUAWEI. (See More)

Completed Project

Among others, WHITESPACE is proud to have achieved its mandate in Kisumu, Meru and Thika in relation with the second phase of NOFBI / E-GOV Expansion Project that is bringing Connectivity to counties level.

Heavy Machinery

WHITESPACE has acquired several Heavy Machines (All Terrain Directional Boring Machine, Compressors, Drilling Machine, Excavators, Mud Mixing System, etc...) to undertake any type of work that big projects can come up with from construction. drilling boreholes to mining, (More)